Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I miss you all terribly

Gallipoli Peninsula

28 April 1915

Dear family

We have arrived here at Gallipoli and I am already homesick. I am nervous.

Everywhere I look all I see around me there is dead bodies everywhere around me and animals too. There's so many people injured.

I am enjoying the biscuits you sent from home they are delicious and everyone want to have some.   

Send my love to my family and friend like my mum and dad and my brothers and sister.

I miss you all terribly I can’t want to come home to see use again.

Love From Sione


  1. did u mean u can't wait to go home or
    I can’t want

  2. Hello Sione
    I like your flag and your letter from Gallipoli. I write letter from Gallipoli too. Did you shoot anybody at the war?


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