Thursday, 8 December 2016

Warnings over unwanted calls from Canada

Sparks and Vodafone are warning their customers to be wary after reports of unexpected phone calls from Canada. Customers across all three big New Zealand telephone companies - Spark, Vodafone and 2Degrees have reported strange calls being made to them from Toronto based numbers. Some people who received the calls over from Canada, usually the caller will hang up when they pick up. Those who have managed to have a conversation say the aim to be from a finance company.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Corey Webster Remanded On Assault Charge

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New Zealand Breakers guard Corey Webster has been remanded about his assault charge. Webster appeared in the North Shore District Court this morning after allegedly assaulting Tamehana Maru in a Takapuna Bar last week. The 28 year old will be under strict bail conditions, but they won't let him travel overseas for basketball. Webster will reappear in the North Shore District Court on December 20.  

Monday, 5 December 2016

Andy Ruiz happy to come up short against Joseph Parker

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Andy Ruiz has given away height to most of his 29 professional opponents and never come close to losing. So Andy Ruiz isn't worried that he'll be starting up at Joseph Parker when the pair fight for the W.B.O heavyweight world title in Auckland on Saturday. Mexican Ruiz arrived here in Auckland on Saturday, standing at about 1.82m, Ruiz is short by heavyweight standards but it hasn't stopped him leaving a trail of destruction.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Mega-tsunami: Would Auckland survive?

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The recent Kaikoura earthquake sent strong shock waves not only through the earth's surface, but the organisation tasked with informing has told kiwis that a major tsunami is possible. Following the degree 7.8 earthquake, balanced in power to the one that badly damage Napier in 1931 they have said that one is highly likely to hit if it happens again. A 2m-high tsunami had already hit the Kaikoura from the first earthquake.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

NZ Breakers

10 boys from our school were very lucky to go over North Harbour to the breakers training court yesterday.

Just as we drove through we were all excited and we jumped off, we walk in and we thought it was only going to be our school there. Suddenly there were three other schools, Glen taylor, Glen Innes and St Kents. We watched them play and train for 1 hour and boy oh boy they were good. During the game this guy called Akil Mitchell  kept dunking everywhere. After watching them train hard and putting the effort in we played some games and we play this game called knockout with Alex Pledger and Jordan Ngatai. After that we went around in our schools to get our basketballs sign. We finally played be ourselves and had fun with our school mates.

Monday, 14 November 2016

NZ earthquake.

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There were two people who died in Kaikoura and Mt Lyford, east of  Hanmer Springs. The tsunami warning has now been decline to a marine and beach threat, which remains in Napier to Dunedin and Chatham Island, find your local clearing zone. Tsunami waves were recorded in and around the Kaikoura and some parts of Wellington. All the trains in the South Island and all trains on the North Island main trunk line south of Palmerston North are cancelled until farther notice. The first earthquake struck near Hanmer Springs just after mid night.

Friday, 11 November 2016


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Drumline is not my favourite movie but the last scene was awesome.

I loved how they had a drum off and Morris Brown’s team went head to head with A&T, Morris Brown was the defining champions until A&T beat them in 2002. The last scene is my favourite because when they were battling the beats were sick and there was this guy called Devon miles( Nick Cannon) who was fabulous, his hands look were like the speed of the flash legs. The sound of the drums were spectacular and it motivated me to play the drums after watching it.